The mission of Cygnette is to acquire important Louisiana properties that are in peril, restore them and allow people the opportunity to experience grand New Orleans living as a fortunate and privileged local.  Share the pleasure of the authentic New Orleans living experience.

Driven by a passion for the preservation of the beautiful and unique architectural heritage of New Orleans, owner and ninth generation New Orleanian, Andrea St. Paul Bland, has acquired historic properties and meticulously restored them and brought these properties to market for lease. Lease opportunities of exquisitely renovated historic and important houses are rare.

Cygnette is utilizing historic rehabilitation tax credits and renovates under the auspices of the US Department of the Interior, Division for Historic Rehabilitation and the Louisiana Department of Culture. The strict guidelines assure the finest quality is employed and architectural integrity is maintained.  The tax credits programs require commercial use hence the unique opportunity to lease a Cygnette property. Cygnette acquires and renovates generally two properties per year.